Alexander Igelsböck

Advisory Board

Alex has spent most of his career in the internet and mobile communications world. After working in traditional marketing and PR, he joined a small startup called Xidris in Austria. Early 2004, Xidris merged with 2 additional companies to become 3united which was then acquired by VeriSign in February 2006.

After relocating to Boston, he worked in a variety of project and product management roles including international project management for small to large sized projects, and managing an international product management team in VeriSign across Europe and the United States.

As Vice President of Mobile Messaging in VeriSign Inc, Alex had responsibility for products including VeriSign’s “Mobile Content Delivery Network” (mCDN), Enterprise Messaging Services and Media & Entertainment Services for the top companies in the Media, Enterprise and Mobile Content space. Annual revenues for Alex’s lines of business exceeded USD 50m and he was responsible for 250 staff.

In 2008 Alex moved back to Vienna to lead the divestiture process for VeriSign’s European mobile assets. After its successful completion, at the end of 2008, he left VeriSign to join The Merger as co-founder.

In the last years Alex worked with a range of Startups focused on financing, product and corporate strategy and business development.

Alex holds an MA in Business and Information Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria.