Crina- Elena Cazan

Crina is the HR & Operations Manager at i5invest.

She is responsible for the human resource operations including recruiting, full onboarding cycle, managing and improving internal processes and strengthening the strategic partnerships with universities.

She manages the office and works towards increasing employee satisfaction by organizing networking events, workshops and various company gatherings.

Furthermore she is responsible for the overall coordination of a broad range of services that allow the organization to operate efficiently. She is taking care of all admin related topics, ensuring that internal and external processes are running smoothly.

Prior to joining i5invest, Crina gathered experience in a SaaS-focused business aviation scaleup and in corporate procurement for the oil & gas industry.

She holds a Bachelor in Economics from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and studied Executive Management at the WKW University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

Crina is fluent in Romanian, English and German and is trying to improve her French and Russian language skills.
Outside of work, she is interested in traveling, gardening and cooking.

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