Felix Häusler

Felix Häusler is a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep-rooted expertise in growth strategies. As the Director at i5growth and a member of the early-stage board at i5invest, Felix channels his vast experience to drive business development and foster innovation.

His entrepreneurial journey is marked by significant milestones. Co-founding UberGrape GmbH, Felix developed Grape, a pioneering business messaging product that catered to over 3.5 million users. Under his leadership, Grape was distinguished by its innovative features and secured a prominent place in the tech landscape, earning mentions in major publications like TechCrunch and Venturebeat.

Beyond product development, Felix’s acumen in growth strategies has consistently delivered results, making him a sought-after figure in the growth domain. His hands-on approach to marketing, sales, and product management has been instrumental in the success of multiple ventures.

Outside of his professional commitments, Felix is an active contributor to the community. As a member of the Global Shapers under the World Economic Forum, he’s been instrumental in driving societal change. His insights into the future of AI, bolstered by patents in AI under his belt, have been shared on platforms like TedX, further underscoring his thought leadership in the tech industry.

Complemented by certifications from institutions like FINRA and Reforge, Felix continues to be at the forefront of entrepreneurial growth and innovation.

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