Martin Brunthaler

Advisory Board

Martin is founder and CTO of Adspired Technologies. Ciuvo has merged with pMediaNetwork into Adspired Technologies in 2014. As founder and CEO of Ciuvo, which builds technologies and tools for e-commerce websites that make user’s online shopping experience more convenient with real-time price comparison and shopping related content, Martin was building a strong business with an extraordinary team of software architects and data scientist in the area of e-commerce lead generation and advertisement technology.

Previously he was employed at VeriSign, Inc. working out of the Vienna and Salzburg offices which have been mainly focused on mobile services. As the Director of Engineering for these branches Martin has been leading the teams primarily focused on the implementation of platforms for messaging aggregation, mobile payments, interactive services and mobile portals. He joined VeriSign through the acquisition of 3united mobile solutions AG in 2006 and has since helped to shape the mobile business. From 2007 until 2008 Martin served as member of the executive board.

He has gained excellent skills in team building and software engineering and has participated in corporate activities such as budget and headcount planning, mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career he has acquired in-depth knowledge of different programming languages and environments, including internet technologies, operating systems and telecommunication systems. He is known to be effective in building teams and managing to deliver solutions in time. He has been able to foster relationships across corporate boundaries and has been involved in numerous decision making processes.

Specialties: Software Engineering, Team Building, Corporate Planning, Telecommunication Technologies, high volume transaction systems