Ramona Petritz

Ramona is Chief of Staff at i5invest. With a background in strategy, consulting, and project management, she drives the company’s success by developing and implementing strategies, overseeing special projects, and ensuring streamlined activities within the organization.

Coming from the beautiful lakes and mountains of Carinthia, Ramona studied Business Administration and Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She is a natural organizer, communicator, and strategist who thinks holistically about the company’s growth. Prior to joining i5invest, Ramona managed end-to-end strategic business initiatives at a Berlin-based corporate venture builder. By collaborating closely with key stakeholders, overseeing operational processes, and playing a crucial role in cultural development and due diligence, she prepared the company for a smooth integration process into a larger acquiring competitor. 

Outside of work, Ramona has a passion for music, having pursued instrumental education for 16 years. She enjoys being active and spending time outdoors, exploring new experiences, and advocating for animal welfare.

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