Silke English

Silke works in the Corporate Development / M&A team of the i5invest’s US team.

Prior to joining i5invest, Silke built a strong background in entrepreneurship, storytelling/organizational communication, growth marketing, scaling and corporate development. In the 15+ years of her professional career, she has worked in a variety of business sectors: E-commerce, Customer Success, Telecommunications, Mobile Devices, Food, Textiles, Government and various SaaS businesses in the Tech Sector.

Silke is fluent in German and English and lives in the Bay area. She helped 25+ startups establish themselves in the Bay Area and/or grow their business in the US market. She co-founded and was a partner in several businesses over the past 5 years.
In her spare time, Silke volunteers as a board member with the City of Santa Clara’s Covid Relief Program to help people that lost their employment due to the pandemic or face other hardships to enter the workforce again.