Corporate Development | M&A

Experienced deal guidance from international industry experts & entrepreneurs.

  • We see M&A as a process rather than an event. It is the result of successful international business development and consistent market presence.
  • We help you grow your business first, find and choose the right moment, focus on the right targets and negotiate the right deal.
  • With our extensive corporate development and M&A capabilities, coupled with our broad resources, we support you at the sharp end – according to your wants and needs.
  • We focus on highly scalable business models in industries where we are interested and very experienced.


Supporting European tech leaders at all lifecycle stages – right from the start to their exit

  • Are you looking for experienced serial entrepreneurs, leaders and mentors with extensive vertical expertise and corporate strategy experience to join your advisory/supervisory board?
  • Are you looking for outstanding team members & partners? We mentor and support the most exciting European tech companies with extensive strategic, growth, internationalization, corporate development and fundraising guidance by leveraging our international business network and our experience as serial entrepreneurs, investors and advisers.
  • We focus on only a few board positions at the most exciting companies across all stages and only commit to long-term partnerships – from now until you exit. To make sure our chemistry works, we offer a non-binding, free kick-off phase – if this works out for both of us, we move on to take the next big steps together.


Helping seed stage companies become the next big thing

  • We invest right from the start through capital.
  • We like to be the first money into a company.
  • We also offer help with future fundraising support through our extensive network of international business angels and VCs in Europe and the US.
  • You are unique and so is your company! This is why we focus on around 2 companies per year.
  • We are not “Spray & Pray” investors – we want all our start-ups to become success-stories
  • We are entrepreneurs too, we speak your language and we can support you in all different aspects of growing your business
  • We are also willing to take advisory board seats

We believe in trust, strong networks and long-term relationships: this is why we strongly encourage interested companies to reach us through an intro from someone we are already working with.

Our background

We understand new business models: our team has founded several successful companies

We know business development and investing: we have grown and funded companies ourselves

We have the relevant technical capabilities in our team as well as great access to talent pools

We have the relevant tools in place and access to investors

We combine 2 continents and leverage our activities and network with offices in Vienna, Berlin, Sofia and Palo Alto

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