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has.to.be E-SOLUTIONS

With the award winning cloud platform “be.ENERGISED”, has.to.be E-SOLUTIONS is the innovation leader in the management, monitoring and accounting of electric vehicle (EV’s) charging infrastructures in public and semi-public spaces allowing anyone to sustainably operate a charging infrastructure for EVs including a management and billing platform.

The electric charging infrastructure of the future will be much more sophisticated and
complicated than today’s network of gas stations operated by a few large energy companies. The rise of EVs will lead to the adoption of charge points in private homes, supermarkets, gas stations, parking lots, highway stations amongst an array of other locations. has.to.be developed be.ENERGISED to provide the missing link managing this complex ecosystem of different stakeholders.

The solution is hardware manufacturer independent, allowing interoperability between different operators and is designed in such a modular way that customers can choose and only pay for those features that are relevant to them.

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